what to expect

 Newborn session – Newborn portraits are best captured in the first 5-14 days after birth.  Please contact us as soon as possible in order to schedule your session. Please add the studio to your email or text list so we can be aware of your new arrival, this also lets us know if your little one’s arrival is late and we can reschedule your session. The session will be focused on sleeping baby images.  At this stage, newborns find it difficult to focus with their eyes so if f the baby is awake and alert, we are limited on the style of images we can capture.

Here are a few suggestions for making the session run smoothly, first, if possible, please hold off feeding your baby until you get to the studio, a full belly insures that once baby is content, we can get him/her to sleep and get right to work.  Secondly, this is a hard one but it can make your babies session run so much smoother, if you can keep your newborn awake for at least 30 minutes before coming in they will be so much sleepier and ready for their session. Lastly, because a newborn has a strong instinct to nurse it is helpful to bring a binkie or bottle to help soothe him/her so we can continue working.

You can expect to spend about 2-3 hours together, I offer an assortment of beverages at the studio, but feel free to bring anything you’d like.  I have a large assortment of hats and props, bows, baskets and headbands but we’ll also use any personal items you bring to make the images personal to you.  We’ll take breaks for feedings, changing, and getting the baby back to sleep . I’ll have a space heater running so please wear light clothing so you don’t get too warm.  Newborns like to be warm and most of the shots will be taken without clothing unless discussed beforehand.  We want the baby to feel comfortable and calm. If your baby is past 14 days, we can still schedule a session however, it may not be created the same.  Babies over 14 days are usually stretching out and sometimes I’m not able to get them into certain positions. Much of this is relative to your particular baby and its development and established habits.  This is a great time for a lifestyle session.  This session takes place in the comfort of your home.  We’ll utilize all the beautiful spaces in your home with mom, dad and any siblings.  This type of session will capture the interaction between  all of you.  With newborns, this type of session does not include the typical props and posing.


Lifestyle sessions can take place at any time of your families life, let me come take memorable images of you all baking together, playing your favorite board game, or just sitting back reading.  We can incorporate all these activates into one session!


Family or children session In our consultation, we will decide on a location that best fits your ideas, rustic, urban, or even at your home.  You can expect to be together at least 1 hour and sometimes up to 2.  We’ll all have fun together and create memories that last a lifetime.  The session will be relaxed and enjoyable for everyone involved.  I can help you with clothing choices, but the main thing to remember is you want everyone to look natural, now is not the time to try out new hair styles and makeup.  Everyone doesn’t need to match exactly, but coordinate. Accessories are great, scarves, jewelry, and hats are fun and look great in photos.  Please avoid logos of any kind and patterns that are too busy.  We want the images to be about the people, not the clothes.  By following these simple guidelines, you will have timeless portraits you will love forever.  


 Rock Star Seniors– Get ready to have some fun! We’ll discuss the location choices in our consultation and talk about what to bring and wear.  You can change outfits up to 3 times  within our 2 hour session.  Bring lots and lots of stuff.  Accessories are the best for fun senior shots.  Do you play in the band?  Bring your instrument along.  Play sports?  Bring some of the gear along.  Love to read?  Bring books.  You get the idea.  I will customize the session so it is as unique as you are.  No one else will have senior images like yours!  You’ll be a model for the day with your own personal hair and make up artist who will stay throughout the session to make you sure everything is perfect.  Did I mention, you’ll have lots of fun!


Pets–  I love my pets, you love your pets, they’re part of your family.  I will come to you for the session.  Inside or outside, your little guy, or girl will feel at home and we can create beautiful images in their natural environment.  If a more traditional studio look is what your after we can schedule a time for you to come to the studio for a session as unique as your pet.


Forever Loved Session–  This type of session is provided to you at a reduced rate for elderly or terminally ill pets.  I will capture the love you have for  each other before your pet passes on.  Although you may not think of the importance at the time, its a great way to look back and remember how much your pet meant to you.  These sessions are usually done in your home where your pet is most comfortable.  I can often times provide this service same or next day.


The  ordering session will take place in person within 2 weeks.  We’ll set this appointment at the time of you session.  We’ll view your images at the studio to in a fabulous slideshow.

I’m really looking forward to creating memories that will last a lifetime for your family.


F a c e b o o k